Association Management

Pacsram Inc. is dedicated being the one stop library for Science, Technology and Medical research.

Access to quality research is vital to the scientific community and beyond. We support sustainable access and work hard to provide a range of open access options alongside our access initiatives to ensure everyone can read, use and trust the latest research.

We are committed to work in partnership with the research community, universities, scientific associations and other stakeholders. Our team is continually on the road meeting the community, participating in discussions and establishing partnerships which will help support increasing access to research.

We provide a complete range of administrative, communication, public relations, meeting planning, program development, and management support services to clients including associations, trade organizations, and other non-profit groups.


  Services we offer:

  • Administrative & Executive Management
  • Membership recruitment & management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Certification
  • Web Site Development & management
  • Social media & marketing management
  • Data management & analytics

*We can customize the services based on Association needs upon strategic analysis.


  Administrative & Executive Management
  • Respond to inquiries for information about the association
  • Execute contracts and commitments authorized by the association
  • Assist in maintaining association’s non-profit status
  • Maintain association insurance programs as required
  • Maintain Statutory Compliances
  • Staff-answered calls during regular business hours or with your organization’s greeting after hours
  • Logistics for Board / Committee meetings
  • Assist in preparation of meeting agendas and materials; obtain support documents from Board members, committee chairs and other key personnel
  • E-mail blasts to the members
  • Flag key issues, projects, and ideas that may assist the Association
  • Lead the organization’s strategic planning process and development


  Finance & Accounting
  • Receive, record, and deposit income (e.g. dues, interest on investments, annual meeting income, etc.)
  • Prepare payment for all duly authorized invoices
  • Maintain books and records of income and expenses
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget
  • Supervise the preparation of annual tax returns and any other financial statements
  • Arrange for an annual audit of financial records by an independent outside source
  • Maintain credit card services for the association
  • Maintain and store financial files of the association
  • Prepare monthly updates of the budget for the Treasurer
  • Prepare weekly list of check runs for the Treasurer


  • Provide certificates either in digital form or in print form upon Association’s choice – including design, development and printing


  Membership recruitment & management
  • Maintain an accessible, online database of members and outcomes data, providing real-time access to records, registration and reports
  • Prepare regular updates of membership and registry
  • Prepare and execute annual membership renewal campaign
  • Respond to membership and registry inquiries
  • Engage strategic methods to market, convert, retain and augment memberships


  Social media & marketing management
  • Enhance and develop social media across multiple platforms for all association activities
  • Develop, integrate and manage website(s)
  • Format and distribute internal and external communications, including all journals and other publications
  • Coordinate statistics reports and market research
  • Develop and distribute all e-communications
  • Establish branding for the association, it's meetings and initiatives
  • Execute Public Relations plans and develop relationships with affiliated media


  Web Site Development & management
  • Designing and developing a user-friendly website
  • e- registration form for new members
  • Payment gateway implementation for registrations
  • Social media and SEO implementation


  Data management & analytics
  • Managing overall data related to the association
  • Report generation based on strategic analysis
  • Analytics report - Trend analysis based on demographics, location and various other criteria


  Meetings management
  • Assist and advise Board of Directors on future meeting venues
  • Negotiate all meeting-related contracts, including F&B and A/V
  • Coordinate awards nominations, arrangements, presentation
  • Formulation of meeting budgets and budget compliance
  • Assist in issuance of registration materials and processes and assignment of rooms for meeting sessions
  • Handle all details of pre- and onsite registration, including marketing and promotions
  • Provide onsite meeting management to include:
    • personnel,
    • local and hotel social arrangements,
    • accreditation
    • attendees kits,
    • onsite registration materials
    • conference cancellation insurance
  • Receive, record, and deposit all meeting income and pay all invoices; provide financial accounting
  • Solicit event sponsors and exhibitors
  • Develop and manage onsite mobile apps
  • Design all meeting collateral including signage, slides, give-a-ways and meeting materials