Dr. Cristiana Catena

University of Udine, Italy

Editorial Board Member

Dr. Cristiana Catena received her Ph.D. in Clinical Science & Technology and Doctor of Medicine from University of Udine, Italy. She has over 332 publications including 111 full papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and invited editorials and reviewers for official journals of scientific societies with Hirsh-index of citation: 22, and Impact Factor: 459. Her Scientific areas of interest are Molecular mechanisms of insulin-resistance, cardiovascular risk factors, left ventricular hypertrophy and metabolic Abnormalities etc. and she has attended several National & International conferences as a speaker. Dr. Cristiana has over 20 years of research experience on diseases and also received many honors and awards i.e. Research National Award, Research Award for Young Scientists, Grant Award etc.

Research Expertise

Arterial hypertension, chronic renal failure, diabetes, insulin-resistance, heart failure, metabolic syndrome

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