Dr. Hanan El-Sayed Badr

Kuwait University, Kuwait

Editorial Board Member

Dr. Hanan El-Sayed Badr, M.D., M.PH., DrPH. is a Professor of Public Health, High Institute of Public Health at University of Alexandria, Egypt. Currently, she is working in the Department of Community Medicine & Behavioral Sciences at Kuwait University, Kuwait. Prof. Badr is focusing her research on risk factors of developing diabetes mellitus and different program interventions that help in preventing its occurrence. She believes that unhealthy lifestyle and adopting risky behaviors started early in life and continues to adulthood, where is the onset of NCDs. Prof. Badr trusts that Quality of life of diabetic patients should be the parameter of monitoring the control of diabetes in both type 1 and 2 diabetic patients. She has more than 25 years of experience in research, and most of it was spent in Diabetes mellitus research, and published more than 40 articles and participated in 53 projects.

Research Expertise

Adolescent health, control of diabetes type 1 & 2, obesity, physical activity, unhealthy lifestyle

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