International Journal of Veterinary and Dairy Sciences

Scope of the Journal

Veterinary and Dairy Sciences is a rapidly growing discipline, which understands the animals' fundamental biology to the recent challenges, relating them to the wider aspects of public health. It covers all clinical, medical, scientific and technological aspects of Veterinary and Diary Research.

The Journal of Veterinary and Dairy Sciences is dedicated to promote the advancement and broadcasting of scientific knowledge on Veterinary Sciences, Dairy Sciences and related academic disciplines.

Related Keywords

Cognitive abilities of Animals, Dairy Farm Management, Disease Dynamics, Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Pet Medicine, Aquatic Animal Diseases, Aquaculture Management, Avian Diseases, Small Animal Surgery, Pet Care, Veterinary Andrology, Teratology, Breeding, Dairy Science, Veterinary Hygiene, Animal Behaviour and Management, Zoonosis, Swine, Animal Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional Deficiency Diseases, Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary Endoscopy, Veterinary Sonography, Veterinary Experimental Surgery, Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Wildlife Diseases, Wildlife Management, Equine Veterinary Care