Journal of Waste Management and Environmental Issues

Scope of the Journal

Journal of Waste Management & Environmental Issues is an International Journal dedicated towards the presentation and scrutiny of information on the prevention, monitoring, generation, treatment, characterization, handling, reuse and eventual residual disposition of solid wastes, both economically and industrially developing countries. 

Journal of Waste Management & Environmental Issues is a fully peer-reviewed International Journal which publishes all types of articles such as Original Research, Review, Short Communication, Opinion Articles, Letter to Editor, etc., related to both the theory and practice of Waste Management and Environment. 

Routine human activities influence the environment and the consumption of energy resources and natural materials. The generation of solid wastes is inevitable because all products have an end of life; humans and animals create wastes that have to be managed to maintain healthy, hygienic and tidy urban and open country environments.

A significant objective of Journal of Waste Management & Environmental Issues is to designate these challenges through the dissemination of scientifically based reliable information, i.e., in terms of waste prevention, waste recycling, recovery of energy from material residuals not suited for recycling or reuse, waste treatment and waste disposal.

Related Keywords

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