For Reviewers

Reviewers drive the research to publication excellence apart from ensuring the integrity of the scholarly research.
Pacsram Inc follows double-blind peer review process, in which both the author and reviewer details are not disclosed to each other. 


  • Reviewers based on their expertise, are requested to assess the quality of the manuscript and provide a suggestion to the external editor on whether a manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions or should be rejected.
  • Reviewers are invited to peer review the manuscript with the title and abstract provided.
  • Full length manuscripts are sent to those reviewers who wish to evaluate the paper. 
  • All the manuscripts provided must be kept confidential.
  • Assessment of the paper should be fair, unbiased and honest to the quality and relevance of the journal. 
  • Any suggestions to the improvement of the quality and language of the paper are to be clearly mentioned.  Your review comments must be submitted in the form provided within the given timeline.